1. [1/2/2012] Erratum 3 was updated with more corrections.
  2. [1/2/2012] A problem with the data in Example 9.4 was corrected. Correct pages 319-321
  3. 1/2/2012 The expression for the variance of Zero inflated models was corrected. The correct code was uploaded. Special thanks to Gheorghe Doros for tracing this mistake]
  4. 13/7/2011 Some minor corrections indicated by Efstratia Charitidou were added in errata.
  5. 2/5/2011 Announcement of 2nd edition. Two minor corrections were added in errata.
  6. 6/7/2010: Various corrections collected over the last 6 months were added in the erratum of 3rd printing. I would like to thank all readers that contributed in finding them.
  7. 26/2/2010: News section was added
  8. 26/2/2010: Distinctions and Reviews of the book were added.
  9. 3/11/2009: THE THIRD PRINTING OF THE BOOK WILL BE SOON OUT. Corrected example 9.4 moved in the erratum of the 3rd printing.
  10. 1/11/2009: Corrections in Example 9.4 were added in the Erratum after the recommendation of Olalekan Uthman (University of Birmingham). The code was corrected. Corrected pages 319-321 are also available in the web-page.
  11. 27/10/2009: Pages 53, 62, 63, 66, 68 were corrected after the comments of Phil Turk. Page 313 was corrected after the suggestion of Mark Chambers.
  12. 7/10/2009: The probability function of the generalized Poisson was added in the R file of DIC for Zero Inflated Models.
  13. 15/9/2009: Four corrections in Chapter 11 were added in Erratum.
  14. 10/9/2009. Two corrections were added in chapters 1 & 11.
  15. 31/8/2009. Some changes concerning intrasubject correlation was included in the erratum for Chapter 8.
  16. 25/8/2009. THE SECOND PRINTING OF THE BOOK WILL BE SOON OUT. All errors stated in erratum_1p.pdf were corrected.
  17. 25/8/2009. Separate file was used for errata. Erratum of the 1st printing was finalized. A list of corrections send by Mike Meredith (Malaysia) was corrected and included in the first version of the erratum for the 2nd printing of the books. These corrections will be included in a future 3rd printing of the book. The errata can be downloaded separately or altogether in a single pdf file. Acknowledgements were included in both errata and the web page. 
  18. 21/8/2009: In example 6.3, a short comment was added for generating initial values. In Example 7.1 (File 2 - DIC), initial values were added. Both updates were made after the suggestion of Stefanos Dimitrakopoulos (PhD student in Warwick).
  19. 28/7/2009: Minor mistakes and typos were traced and corrected in Erratum.
  20. 7/7/2009: Reader's questions were added in the web-page.
  21. 8/6/2009: Erratum was updated with corrections in the equations involved in the last line of page 349 and lines 2-3 in page 350.
  22. 8/6/2009: File 1 in Example 10.3 was corrected. Erratum was updated with corrections in pages 361-362 (sign in ppo's) after suggestion of Liya Hao (postgraduate student from China).  Also correct figures 10.8-10.9 were added in the web-page in jpg format.
  23. 2/6/2009: In example 10.0, New file 0 and file 1 replaced the old file 1 (after suggestion of Liya Hao, postgraduate student from China).
  24. 14/5/2009: Erratum was updated with a minor correction in page 262 (line 12) concerning the Gumbel distribution.
  25. 7/5/2009: Erratum was updated with two minor corrections in page 8 (lines 2-3).
  26. 3/4/2009: Erratum was updated with some minor corrections for pages 9-11, 14, 292 and 310. Also some styling changes was made in the Erratum.
  27. 2/4/2009: Erratum was  updated with corrections for Chapters 9-11 and Appendix.
  28. 13/3/2009: Erratum was  updated with corrections for Chapter 8.
  29. 9/3/2009: Additional example 8.7 - Agresti's political party data was added.
  30. 7/3/2009: Erratum was  updated with corrections for Chapter 7.
  31. 6/3/2009: Erratum was corrected for some points concerning chapter 2.
  32. 26/2/2009: Erratum was updated with corrections for Chapters 4-6. Figures 5.4.b, 6.3 and 6.4 were added in the web-page.
  33. 24/2/2009: Erratum was updated with corrections for Chapter 3.
  34. 8/2/2009: Erratum was updated with corrections for Chapters 1 & 2.
  35. 5/2/2009: Files for Problems were added. Additional example 8.6 was added. Erratum was added.
  36. 29/12/2009: First version of this web-page.